Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Get Ads Approved on Facebook

 Get  Approved on Facebook Ads

1-Check to see if your ad and landing page follows the Facebook Advertising Guidelines. If it does not, begin to make adjustments to either your ad or the landing page. The landing page may be a page, event, group or application on the Facebook site. Alternatively, it may be an external website to where you want to send those who click on your ad.

2-Use only one advertising account on Facebook, unless you receive permission from the company. If the ad reviewer discovers you have multiple Facebook advertising accounts without their permission, it will automatically get your ad rejected.

3-Remove any pop-up windows from the landing page or do not place a pop-up on the website in the first place.

4-Ensure the landing page's content matches the ad description. If you falsify information, mislead, deceive or intend to commit fraud, then Facebook will refuse to display your advertisement.

5-Use Facebook references only in ads that link directly to a Facebook page, application, group, event or Connect site. If you are linking to an external website, you may not mention the word "Facebook" anywhere in your ad, otherwise you can expect a rejection.

6-Submit the ad via the Facebook Ad Manager once you have checked to see if it meets the minimum requirements of the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

How to market yourself in facebook

How to Create a Facebook Ad to Get a Job

1-Make a resume website by using a website template, designing it yourself or by contracting the services of a professional designer. A personal resume website tells a future employer that you are serious about the job search. Review resume website template creators, including Dynamod, Specky Boy and AllWebco Design Corporation. Add pictures, your resume, your goals and objectives to your personal website. List companies you want to work for, and explain why.

2-Open Facebook and enter your username and password. Locate the “Advertisements” link on the bottom of your status page. Click on the "Create Advertisement" link that appears on the top right side of the window.

3-Choose "External Website" from the first drop-down menu to send visitors to your external website. Type or paste the URL for your website or blog. Go to your website and select the URL in the address bar of the top toolbar. Press “Ctrl” and “C” simultaneously to copy the URL. Return to the Facebook page and paste the URL by pressing the “Ctrl” and “V” keys.

4-Type the title for your Facebook advertisement. Make it something catchy that demonstrates your need for a job. Review different websites such as JobMod, Human Capital League and Oddee to see what others have listed as titles for job listings. Although these titles might be from the recruiter’s perspective, you can be just as creative when writing a title as a job candidate.

5-Type the body of your text. Follow advertising rules when writing a job advertisement by attracting attention, attracting interest by establishing the relevance of your skills and creating a desire among company recruiters to contact you. A Facebook advertisement that fails to follow these advertising principles will fail to attract recruiters to your website.

6-Click the "Select File" link next to the "Image" category to add an image to your advertisement. Keep the design elements in the picture simple. Busy images and overly designed graphics distract a reader from what is important. Keep fonts standard and midsize. Fonts that are too large, small, fancy and made in italics are too difficult to read quickly.

7-Target the ad to the location, demographics and interests you want on Facebook. These options are listed and vary depending on the location you choose. Select the “Show Advanced Targeting Options” to find all the options you want. Analyze the number of potential ad viewers under each target category listed by Facebook in the right column. Click “Continue” when you finish selecting your target options.

8-Select your budget amount per day. Facebook allows for a minimum budget of $1 but suggests a $50 daily budget to be more effective. Click "Review Ad" once you choose your budget.

9-Preview your advertisement, picture and targeted audience you chose. Click the "Place Ad" button if you are happy with your advertisement, or click the "Edit Ad" if you want to make changes. Choose either "PayPal" or a "Credit Card" as the payment method. Click "OK" and enter either the credit card or PayPal information. Facebook will deduct the daily accorded amount automatically, once authorized.

10-Create another similar ad with slight changes in wording, graphics and targeted demographics, if your advertising budget allows you to do this. This allows you to test your market to see which type of ad produces the most views and click-throughs.
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