Wednesday, July 27, 2011

free facebook ads coupon

So, out of the regular vouchers I get and sell, one of the coupon has a little damage and it’s last letter was teared. Now, I simply can’t provide this coupon to my buyers hence giving it absolutely free here. It’s a $50 Facebook Advertising coupon. It’s pretty self explanatory. You can advertise on Facebook upto $50 with the help of this coupon. All the general Facebook advertising rules and terms apply. The coupon code "click here" Facebook coupons are 16 characters, but as the last character can not be seen in the voucher, there are only 15 characters. However it should not be difficult because there are only 36 possible characters to put there (A-Z, 0-9). The voucher is completely genuine, and would work right away with proper character putting. Anyone who gets successful in redeeming it, please post here with at least a thanks so that me and other readers can know that it’s gone. Also, what was that “secret” character.
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