Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Get Ads Approved on Facebook

 Get  Approved on Facebook Ads

1-Check to see if your ad and landing page follows the Facebook Advertising Guidelines. If it does not, begin to make adjustments to either your ad or the landing page. The landing page may be a page, event, group or application on the Facebook site. Alternatively, it may be an external website to where you want to send those who click on your ad.

2-Use only one advertising account on Facebook, unless you receive permission from the company. If the ad reviewer discovers you have multiple Facebook advertising accounts without their permission, it will automatically get your ad rejected.

3-Remove any pop-up windows from the landing page or do not place a pop-up on the website in the first place.

4-Ensure the landing page's content matches the ad description. If you falsify information, mislead, deceive or intend to commit fraud, then Facebook will refuse to display your advertisement.

5-Use Facebook references only in ads that link directly to a Facebook page, application, group, event or Connect site. If you are linking to an external website, you may not mention the word "Facebook" anywhere in your ad, otherwise you can expect a rejection.

6-Submit the ad via the Facebook Ad Manager once you have checked to see if it meets the minimum requirements of the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

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