Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Get Free Facebook Credits?

How to Get Free Facebook Credits?

Before one spends money, it is way too obvious one will try to find options that will help them earn something free. Thus, one will start searching for answers related to how to get free Facebook credits. There are limited number of ways that will help you earn free Facebook credits. The most popular way to earn free credit is play the 1st part of Hello City. When you finish the first level, you will be awarded 5 free credits. You can even try playing Super Poke and once you level up on levels 1 and 2, you can earn 20 free credits, that are worth $2. Another method is by visiting gamecoins.com. When you use connect your Facebook friends to game coins and use the game coins you can earn about 25 game coins free. How is this helpful to you? Well, 100 game coins are equal to 5 Facebook credits. This makes the deal worthwhile.

Thousands of people around the world are trying Facebook credit hacks to earn more points without spending a dime. A recent survey on Google has shown that of these thousands, at least 10 people are able to successful hack Facebook credits. If you too are interested, search for information on Facebook credit hacks and try it out. But, remember, hacking is illegal and one can be penalized for it, if proven guilty. So, my word on it is to play it fair and try at the above clean methods that will help you get free Facebook credits.

This was all about what are Facebook credits. You can pay Facebook for some virtual money to buy virtual items on Facebook. However, make sure you keep your finances in check, as there is no use spending real money to buy virtual money that will help you purchase virtual items.

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