Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook Free Ad Coupon Codes

As an incentive for business and individuals to utilize the benefits of Facebook social ads, Facebook have released a number of free Facebook ads coupons, allowing you to try advertising on Facebook for Free!

These coupons are specifically to pay for social advertising which is low in cost anyway, so the coupons mean there is no excuse to have a shot at advertising on the biggest social networking site in the world!

These ads coupons allow you to use social advertising on Facebook for Free which means you can target very specific target audiences based on demographics and social actions, a must for any marketing savvy business.

With Facebook ads currently being partly funded through using free Facebook ad coupons, make your start with advertising on Facebook for free!

One way to get advertising on Facebook for Free is with a free advertising coupon worth $100, obtained by signing up to the Visa Business Network, all you need to do is login to Facebook and add the Visa Business Network Appliaciton.

Once you have added this Facebook will send you a coupon code with instructions on how to add credit to your account. The code should be something like FB-SES-NY and can only be redeemed by new Facebook accounts.

To use a free coupon to get ads on Facebook for Free take the following steps:

• Log into your Facebook ads account.
• Click on Billing within the ads manager.
• Click on the funding sources tab on the Billing summary page.
• Click on "Enter Coupon Code" and enter the code you have been given.
• Now you can create your ad and you have used the coupon.

If you want some more ads on Facebook for Free to take your count up to $250 in free Facebook ads,

click here to get for free

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